In many cases we can repair all Hydragas units that are leaking fluid or showing evidence that they have leaked.

Our prices include re-gassing of the leaking unit.

The procedure and price varies from unit to unit.

For Maxi, Princess and Allegro front units we can replace the internal fluid diaphragm and if necessary the outer diaphragm.

Allegro and Princess rear units require the mounting cradle to be removed from the unit, a re-crimping process undertaken and then the cradle refitting.

For MGF and Metro units a re-crimping process is undertaken.

All units which have had a leak repair are stringently tested in our test rig and held at 700psi fluid pressure for 24 hours before having the gas content re-checked and the unit examined for the minutest of fluid leaks.

In the event of a leak repair being unsuccessful there is no charge for our time or materials, the customer only pays for a successful job.

All leak repaired displacers come with a 2 year unlimited mileage guarantee.


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