Looking inside a failed Hydragas unit – the future is secure!

A freshly opened Princess/Maxi Hydragas unit which had failed and was leaking. The ruptured fluid diaphragm and outer diaphragm with damaged bead and de-lamination can clearly be seen. There’s no perishing of these components, this damage has been caused by using the car with no gas in the top chamber, normally a unit like this would have been scrapped but it will now receive new replacement diaphragms, be tested and then returned into service. The long term future of Hydragas suspension is assured with us

Mobile in South Wales

A mobile fitment of a set of recharged Hydragas units to an Allegro Estate in South Wales yesterday. It was a challenging job with seized, rusty bolts and both radius arm shafts seized into their bushes. The one shaft was seized into one of the bushes only and we were able to get it out after removing the radius arm from the car. The other one was totally seized and we replaced the entire radius arm and shaft along with the displacer. We come prepared and carry spare radius arms and shafts in case thus happens. It was a long day and a late finish but the customer was charged no extra. We have a fixed price policy, the only extra cost is in the event of us finding a leaking displacer where there is a surcharge

Mobile Service in Plymouth

Today we carried out a mobile fitment of a set of recharged Hydragas units to a very nice and original MGF in Plymouth, after completion when the customer drove the car he said the ride comfort was back to when he first had the car. This is what Hydragas and Hydrolastic Service Ltd is all about, keeping the car original with the suspension it was designed to have but bringing the ride quality back to how the car was when it was new

Mobile Service in Camborne

Today we carried out a mobile fitment of a set of recharged Hydragas units to a Maxi in Camborne, before we started the suspension was rigid and very uncomfortable, on removing the existing units both fronts were leaking, this is a result of using the car with no gas in the units. One of the replacement units we fitted has had the fluid diaphragm replaced by ourselves, this is a unit that was previously leaking and would normally have been scrapped, it has now been recharged and all good. Returning units which were previously leaking back in to service is a major breakthrough and has secured the future of Hydragas suspension. The car is now beautifully comfortable and drives like a different car

Mobile in Minehead

A mobile fitment of a set of recharged Hydragas units to an MGF near Minehead today, the job was completed in good time and as usual it now has superb roadholding and comfort. The car is a daily driver and the improvement will be very welcome, especially with the state of the roads and lanes in the area

Mobile Service in Copthorne

A mobile fitment of a set of recharged Hydragas units to a 2 door Series 2 Allegro in Copthorne today, the car had been rescued by its current owner after being sat for 7 years outside on the back of a lorry. A solid example well worthy of saving, it now has excellent suspension ready for when it is returned to the road

Mobile Service in East Grinstead

Today we did a mobile fitment of exchange recharged Hydragas units to a Princess 2200 in East Grinstead. One of the units has had a new internal fluid diaphragm fitted, this was a unit which would have previously been considered scrap as it had been leaking, It is now back in service and performing well. We will be seeing the customer again next spring to fit another set of recharged units to his other Princess. We are committed to securing the long term future of all Hydragas and Hydrolastic cars and it is thanks to all our loyal customers that we are now able to put units which were previously leaking back into service

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