Austin Maxi in Dundee

Our second job during our stay in Scotland, the fitment of a set of recharged Hydragas units to a Maxi which was in desperate need. The front units were already leaking due to the excessive strain caused by lack of gas. Luckily the rears seem like they may be ok to recharge with gas. Once the job was completed as always the car had a lovely ride and proper suspension for the first time in years

MGF Trophy in Inverness

Our first job in Scotland today, the fitment of a set of recharged units to an MGF Trophy, the customer wanted standard MGF units fitting for extra comfort. The job was completed in good time and now the ride is just that, very comfortable and with good roadholding

Maxi Units

A set of Maxi Hydragas units supplied from our stocks on an exchange basis, recharged and tested. We have stocks of units for most Hydragas and Hydrolastic cars ready for immediate despatch. We always refund the surcharge promptly when we receive the existing units back as long as the are in a condition where they can be recharged.

Fluid Diaphragm Replacements

The remanufactured fluid diaphragms have arrived for the Allegro, Maxi and Princess type displacers. We already have one of the crimping tools and the presses are installed. We are just awaiting the forming tool which is currently under manufacture and the outer cover diaphragms. Once these have arrived we will be able to put leaking displacers back into service, this will secure the future of Hydragas suspension meaning the supply of units will never run out. When the need arises we will roll this out to Rover 100, Metro and MGF units but at the moment we have adequate stocks of these. By supporting us here at Hydragas and Hydrolastic Service Ltd you are safeguarding the future of this unique suspension.

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