Mobile in Ashford

We’re down South again for 3 days, our job yesterday was to fit a set of recharged Hydragas units to the rear of this lovely VP1500 in Ashford that once belonged to game show host and TV presenter Leslie Crowther. Someone had previously fitted a pair of recharged units to the front but not the rear, this was not a wise move as the suspension wasn’t giving its best and both rear units were leaking due to the strain of them being operated when empty of gas. The rear units were soon fitted and the customer said he could really feel the difference after test driving the car

Mobile in Reading

Today we travelled to Reading to fit a set of exchange recharged Hydragas units to a Metro Turbo which is undergoing restoration. During our work we noticed the rear anti roll bar had been fitted upside down and the front unit retaining plates had been mixed up with the wrong hand fitted to the wrong side, this was corrected and the job was completed in good time

Mobile Service in West Bromwich

Today we carried out the full fitment service of a set of recharged Hydragas units to an ultra low mileage immaculate Metro in West Bromwich. We will let the customer tell the rest! “A fantastic service today from Ian and Dawn Kennedy (Hydragas and Hydrolastic Service of Telford) who came out to replace the Hydragas suspension displacers (in order to replace the nitrogen) which has returned the Metro to a factory fresh ride quality. The driving difference is amazing! Thank you both it’s much appreciated.”

Mobile Service in Royston, Hertfordshire

Yesterday we went to Royston, Hertfordshire to fit a set of exchange recharged Hydragas units to this lovely MGF. The customer only found out about us a few weeks ago after seeing our advert in the MG Owners club magazine. Like the majority of MGF owners he likes the Hydragas suspension but before finding out about us he thought the only way forward to cure the harsh and uncomfortable ride was to fit a spring kit, a route he didn’t want to go down. After we carried out the work he was delighted with the results, our service provided just what he wanted and worked out a lot cheaper than the spring kit also keeping the car original

Mobile Service in Birmingham

Last week we spent 2 days in Birmingham sorting the suspension and doing some general servicing and other jobs on an 8000 mile from new Maxi 2 automatic. Some think that ultra low mileage on a Hydragas car could mean that all is well with the suspension, this car was a perfect example that this is not the case. The customer wanted the original Hydragas units recharging rather than us fitting an exchange set so on the one day we removed the units, carried out some of the other jobs and took the units away with us for recharging. All the units turned out to be completely empty of gas and on two of the units the gas diaphragms had been forced up high inside the units and were close to the top casing, these were returned to the normal position, then all four units recharged. The next day they were all refitted and now the car drives beautifully with superb comfort and pin sharp handling

ADO16 Replacement Rear Unit

Today we had a callout to a Wolseley 1300 in Stratford Upon Avon with collapsed suspension, a perished rear Hydrolastic unit hose was the culprit which is very often the case. There was no chance of the subframe bolts coming undone so we had to wangle the unit in making the most of what little space there is to do this, the fact that we have a pump with a working vacuum facility helped matters and it wasn’t too long before the suspension was up again and level

Mobile Service in Barnsley

Today we travelled to Barnsley to fit a set of recharged, tested and coated Hydragas units to an MGF in a lovely location. The car was sitting very low when we arrived with no gas in the units. The job went well and was soon completed, the customer has already commented on how pleased he is with the ride now “Special thanks to Ian and Dawn for the work they did today on transforming the ride on my mgf. I can certainly recommend them. It feels like a new car – no bone crunching drives anymore 😁😁😁😁😁😁 “

Mobile in Swindon

For the last couple of days we have travelled to a farm near Swindon to fit recharged units to a VP 1500, Allegro 1500 and Princess 2200 all for the same customer. The first car was a VP 1500, everything came apart as it should and the job was completed in good time. We then moved on to the Allegro 1500 and this car turned out to be extremely challenging, nearly every fixing we needed to remove was either corroded or seized including both rear radius arm shafts and one front suspension arm through bolt. We worked through it and luckily we carry spare radius arms in the van for this eventuality. We eventually got the job done and it ended up being a very long day yesterday with us being able to get on our way home at 9.30pm. We returned this morning and got on with the Princess, apart from a few seized bolts on the rear it came apart and didn’t give us much bother. The suspension is now excellent on all three cars and the customer is very pleased with our determination to get the job done and work through the issues to a successful completion


Today we fitted Hydragas units to two Metros in Huddersfield. The first one, an MG Metro went smoothly and was completed in good time. Replacing the rear units on the the Mk1 Metro was challenging with seized bolts, suspension pipes and knuckle joints to contend with but progress was made and this was also completed in good time. Both cars are so much better for it

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