First Mobile of 2020

Today we went to Birmingham and carried out the fitment of a set of recharged Hydragas units to a VP 1500, one of the units we fitted has had a new internal fluid diaphragm. Previously this unit would have been considered scrap but is now back in service. One of the original units we removed was found to be leaking, this will later have the same treatment and will be returned to service. The car now rides and drives beautifully, the future of Hydragas suspension is secure with us.

Mobile Service on a Maxi

Another three days of work down south, a fitment of a set of recharged Hydragas units to a lovely Maxi in Biggleswade. Both front units we fitted have had the diaphragms replaced by us, these were previously leaking and would normally have been disposed of but are now back in service, this has secured the future of the suspension on these cars.

Mobile Service on a Princess in East Grinstead

Our final job this week down south was a Princess in East Grinstead, we already fitted a set of recharged units for the customer to another Princess he owns a couple of months ago. One of the units we fitted back then was a “re-diaphragmed” and recharged unit, we were pleased to hear that it has performed faultlessly but we were expecting this due to the stringent testing our units go through before fitting. Two of the units we fitted to the Princess today have also had new diaphragms fitted, all three units previously had leaks and would normally be regarded as scrap, these are now back in service. Investing in our project to replace the fluid diaphragms on leaking displacers and seeing it through to a successful conclusion was definitely the right decision as both front units removed from the Princess today were showing evidence of leaks. Had we not found a way forward and the situation had been allowed to continue the supply of serviceable units would have run out leading to difficulties for owners of these cars, now the future supply of units for all Hydragas cars is secure and owners can relax knowing their suspension needs are fully catered for

Mobile Service on an MGF Trophy in Essex

Our second mobile job of the week on our trip down south, the fitment of a set of recharged Hydragas units to an MGF Trophy. Previously the suspension had been topped up with an oil based fluid, the system was contaminated and after draining it had to be flushed out before commencing work. After this was done the job went well and the car now has a superb ride and handling. Our final job down south is a Princess in East Grinstead tomorrow

Mobile Service on a Hydrolastic Maxi in Oxford

The first job of 3 mobiles we’re doing this week down South, the fitment of a set of rehosed Hydrolastic units to a Maxi near Oxford. The owner had a rear hose leaking and decided now was the time to replace all the units with a set from us with brand new hoses. One of the front units had been previously rehosed in the past and was of such poor quality it looked like it could have failed at any minute. Once completed we drove to Rayleigh where we are stopping the night in readiness for our next job tomorrow on an MGF Trophy here

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