A set of Austin Allegro Hydragas units, Recharged and Fully Tested



Full car set of Austin Allegro Hydragas units.

Recharged and stringently tested in our test rig with a fluid pressure of 41 bar (600 psi).

These units have an unlimited mileage two year no quibble warranty.

These will give a superb as new ride quality with reliability to match.

All Hydragas units we now supply have been refinished with a special custom made coating which closely resembles the original zinc passivate plating, ideal for the owner who wants to keep their car as original looking as possible.


When you “check out” you’ll notice that we add a surcharge of £110 per unit, which, in most cases is fully refundable. Simply box up your old units securely, ensuring they’re empty of fluid and we’ll arrange free collection! If we ascertain they are suitable for us to repair and in many cases they are, we’ll refund the surcharge you paid per acceptable unit.

All in all this is an excellent deal and including the allowance on your old units you could have a set of superb recharged units for £385

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